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>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wilders' anti-Islam Film, "Fitna"

Fareed Zakaria Interviews Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali:  Part 1 - Part 2

Muslim girls collide with Hans Teeuwen

Hans Teeuwen Speech unveiling statue Van Gogh

Muslims Kidnapping Christian Girls in Africa

Women of Persia

Zakir Naik Science Speech Refuted pt1

Zakir Naik Quran Science Dawaganda Refuted pt2

James Ojama Jihad Video

Hamas TV Indoctrinates Kiddies with Hate

What Really Happened in the Middle East

Ayaan Hirsi on Radio Sydney

Sharia cutting hands and feet in action

Slide show: Islamic anti-Semitism

Islamic perspectives: What is a Jew?

The Cruelty of Islam

The Qurans embryology is only good for a caveman

Under Sharia law men have the right to have sex with infants

Wife beating is legal in Islam

Muhammad's child-bride; she was 6 he was 54

Allah allows men to use slave girls as young as 6 for sex

Cruelty from the Quran

The compassionate Muhammad says BURN your enemies alive!

According to Islam women have half a brain?

Muhammad says just give me the money and I won't kill you?

We the Apostates of Islam

Contradictions in the NOT so perfect Quran

Scientific ERRORS in the Quran

Islam's X-RATED heaven

Why Muhammad could NOT have been a prophet

The consequence of Muhammad being pedophile

Muhammad was a pedophile

Islam: Religion or Cult?

Why did the Muhammad Cartoons drive Muslims so crazy?

Muslims Destroy Church in Kosovo as UN Protection Force Passes by [CNS News]

Islam Persecuted Christian Infidels Indonesia

Islam & Apostasy

British Muslim video: Islam = Terrorism

Ayaan Hirsi with Bill Maher: Islam is not a Religion of Peace

Investigating Islam [audio]

Tawfiq Hamid on CFI audio podcast on his terrorist career

Moderate Muslims Intimidated in Canada: Part 1 - Part 2

The Hidden Army Of Radical Islam

Islamic Teachings: Cruelty from the Quran

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Glenn Beck

Church attacked in Ethiopia

Islamic Mein Kampf

Islamic Holy War in the UK

A French Convert [French]

Undercover Mosques videos [Part 1  - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6]

Suicide Killers

Spreading Hatred.. Dr Zakir Naik on loose

"Open Season" Stuck Mojo

The REAL Islam Revealed

Friday Sermon at Gaza Mosque

Robert Spencer Interviewed

The Killings of Non-Muslims is Legitimate

5 years in Jail for a kiss in public

Qadhafi - Islam Victory in Europe

Jihad : The Children's Club

Children Education Video

5 years in Jail for a kiss in public

Qadhafi - Islam Victory in Europe

Victims of islamofascists [R]

Islam around the world

Palestinian ex-muslim and former terrorist speaks out

Zakir Naik supports death for apostasy

Will Non-Muslims be allowed to preach their religion?

Islam: What the West Needs to Know - Trailer

No Excuses For Terrorism

I, a Muslim  [Uvadi Czech TV]

Blaming the jews - Hate in Islam (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Wafa Sultans famous tell it like it is interview

Capital Punishment for Apostates - Israr Ahmed

Chilling Islamic Demonstration of Cartoons. London

"Crack in the Wall" Wafa Sultan

Qaradawi on female masturbation

Saudi Koranic Healing

Every Muslim Should be a terrorist (Zakir Naik)

Byzantine 2006 - Putting Quotes Back In Context

The Killings of Non-Muslims is Legitimate

Palestinian Religious Leader: Muslims Will Rule Entire World

Muslim Terror - Mumbai bomb blast

Muslim Terror in madrid

Debate on Wife Beating as instructed in Quran

Islam - A need for Polygamy

Wife Beating in Islam - Only a rod will help!

Stoning to Death in Islam

Radical Islam Finds Fertile Ground on African Island

France 2027

Saddam Hussein's Desperate Escape Attempt

Stand up to Ahmadinejad

Zawahiri explains why all civilians are legitimate targets for Jihadis

Muslim Sesame Street I: do the "Death to America" thing Part I  
Part II   Part III  Part IV  Part V

White Women marry dogs and donkeys in Denmark

Wife Beating I: Canadian Women fooled by Western Propaganda

Wife Beating II - our islamic cultural heritage

Palestinian Suicide Terrorists Farewell Video

The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims - Andrew Bostom

Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West

Radical Islam

Teaching Children to die for Allah in Palestine and Lebanon

16 year-old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police [Part1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6]

Shoebat Speaks on islam

Robert Spencer on islam

Islamic ethnic cleansing of Kashmir

Taliban beat women

Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11

Jewish Blood Libel - Islamic Television

Muslim Woman eats Spaghetti

Muslim Cleric explains why women shouldn't drive

Muslim defends marital rape

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

Culture of Jihad

Dhimmitude Tutorial

9/11 Deniers Speak - Part 1/5

Religion of Peace?

Abu Izzadeen jokes about 9/11 victims, taunts Kuffar

Islam Religion of Peace

Hamas - On Martyrdom

Hamas - Stages of Israel's Destruction

Hamas - From the Sea to the River

9/11 Kevin Cosgrove

Palestinian Religious Leader: Muslims Will Kill All The Jews

Shiites cutting their heads and children's heads(R)

No More Tantrums/ Simple Math

"Crack in the Wall" Wafa Sultan

Qaradawi on female masturbation

Female 'British' Muslims trying to enter Mosques

Does Islam allow women to become head of State? Zakir Naik

Charlie Brown Goes Jihad  [Jawa Report]

BNP / Islamist Reign of Terror in Bangladesh

Obsession - The Movie Online

Islam: What the West Needs to Know - Trailer

"Uncovered Meat" Protest (video)


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Testimonies of Leaving Islam

Testimonies of Leaving Islam

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Allah Plays with His Souls - Abul Kasem [21 Oct, 2008]

Why Shouldn't All Violent Ideologies Be Legal in USA?  - Ayesha Ahmed [18 Oct, 2008]

Academic Lie: Jesus Christ was a Palestinian  - Denis Schulz [18 Oct, 2008]

Ex-Muslim Conference on Political Islam, Sharia Law and Civil Society a Success  - Maryam Namazie [16 Oct, 2008]

The Radical Muslims of Germany  - Dr. Sami Alrabaa [16 Oct, 2008]

Dogma of Halal and Haram  - Jahanshah Rashidian [15 Oct, 2008]

Islamism is a Socio-Political Virus  - Dr. Sami Alrabaa [12 Oct, 2008]

Russia: A Future Radical Muslim Superpower? [10 Oct, 2008]

Islam, allegedly, is the Solution  - Dr. Sami Alrabaa [08 Oct, 2008]

Islam and Innocence  - Raymond Ibrahim [06 Oct, 2008]

Islam Professor Converts from Believer to None-Believer  - Dr. Sami Alrabaa [05 Oct, 2008]

Fourteen Centuries of Jihad Against European Civilization  - Fjordman [01 Oct, 2008]

On Religion and Humanity - Agni Setu  [30 Sep, 2008]

Ramadan Jihad and Scholars' Ignorance  - MA Khan [30 Sep, 2008]

Government and Media Collusion in Downplaying Latest Delhi Terror Blasts - Shishir Thadani [29 Sep, 2008]

History of Jihad against the Greeks (1450-1853) - History of Jihad [28 Sep, 2008]

Outrageous Language Errors in the Quran  - Mumin Salih [26 Sep, 2008]

Erroneous Science and Contradictions in the Quran  - Syed Kamran Mirza [26 Sep, 2008]

Muslim Outrage in N.Y. over Practice of Sunna by a Learned Scholar  - Ayesha Ahmed [26 Sep, 2008]

Does Soul Exist?  - Syed Kamran Mirza [25 Sep, 2008]

Cologne's Embrace from Nazi to Islamic Final Solution?  - Larry Houle [25 Sep, 2008]

When is Islam Oppressed?  - Abul Kasem [23 Sep, 2008] [reposting]

Did Prophet Muhammad corporeally ascend to the Gardens? - Mohammad Asghar [23 Sep, 2008]

Religious Imprinting and Jihadism  - Amil Imani [22 Sep, 2008]

Ramadan Jihad: Wildcatting for Allah at US Meat Factory  - Denis Schulz [21 Sep, 2008]

Sex in the Islamic City  - Mohammad Asghar/Jamie Glazov  [20 Sep, 2008]

Gender Division Based on Mahram and Non-Mahram  - Jahanshah Rashidian [18 Sep, 2008]

Should I, a Hindu, Convert to Islam and Marry MY Muslim Lover?  - MA Khan [17 Sep, 2008]

The Origin of Veiling the Women in Islam and its Present Role  - Radhasyam Brahmachari [16 Sep, 2008]

Sura AlAhzâb: Prophet's Privilege to Do Mean, Heinous Acts; Allah's Hypocrisy  - Logical Thinker [15 Sep, 2008]

My Story with the Quran: How I Left Islam; How to Fight It?  - Mumin Salih [14 Sep, 2008]

Fidelity of an Infidel: Ploughing My Pasture  - Daani Ali [12 Sep, 2008]

Pakistan: Political Game-playing amidst Surging Terrorism   - Tanveer Jafri [12 Sep, 2008]

Osama Bin Laden as Robin Hood?  - Raymond Ibrahim [11 Sep, 2008]

Why 9/11 Occurred on September 11  - Andrew Stunich [11 Sep, 2008]

Yorkshire Muslim Open House: Breaking Down Barriers, Islamic Style  - Denis Schulz [10 Sep, 2008]

They Left Islam: Leaving Islam Report, Sept 2008 [09 Sep, 2008]

Muslim Brothers of Indian Subcontinent: It's Time for Homecoming  - Radhasyam Brahmachari [09 Sep, 2008]

Islamization and Cowardice in Scandinavia  - Fjordman [09 Sep, 2008]

My Story with the Quran and Losing My Religion  - Mumin Salih [08 Sep, 2008]

Colonialism: What about Reparations from Muslims? - Fjordman [07 Sep, 2008]

A Muslim More Intelligent Than Allah  - Naker/MA Khan [06 Sep, 2008]

Fidelity of an Infidel: Allah an Eunuch? - Daani Ali [06 Sep, 2008]

A Few Questions Related to Islam‏, Part 1  - Abul Kasem [05 Sep, 2008]

Leaving Islam  - Mohammad Asghar/Jamie Glazov [04 Sep, 2008]

Religious Tolerance: Islam vs. Other Religions - Imran Haider [31 Aug, 2008]

Islam: An Awakening for the Infidel World - Inquisitive Infidel [30 Aug, 2008]

Islamophobia: Dialogue with a Canadian Professor - Proud Infidel [30 Aug, 2008]

Great Thinkers on Islam  - Ayesha Ahmed [30 Aug, 2008]

Defining Islamophobia  - Denis Schulz [29 Aug, 2008]

Genesis of Shi'a Islam  - Amil Imani [29 Aug, 2008]

The Fatuous Mind of Allah  - Abul Kasem [28 Aug, 2008]

Stop appeasing the poisonous snakes in Kashmir - Tanveer Jafri [28 Aug, 2008]

Mutah or Temporary Marriage in Muslim Societies  - Radhasyam Brahmachari [25 Aug, 2008]

Bangladesh: The Intellectual Blueprint of Islamist Traitors - Sohail Taj [25 Aug, 2008]

How Many Gods are There? Allah Says Many! - Syed Kamran Mirza [24 Aug, 2008]

Jesus of Nazareth Could Not Be the Eisa of the Quran  - Ayesha Ahmed [23 Aug, 2008]

Islam will die a natural death - An Infidel [22 Aug, 2008]

Vocabulary of a good Muslim - Taimur Malik/ Abul Kasem [21 Aug, 2008]

Why I want to leave Islam [20 Aug, 2008]

Saudi Fatwa on Cheating Kafir women - Saudi Muslim [20 Aug, 2008]

The History of Jihad against Austria (1500 - 1683) - History of Jihad [19 Aug, 2008]

What Islam Wants: Islam's Diabolical Plan According to Pakistan's Jamat-e-Islami Party [18 Aug, 2008]

American Outreach Program: Bob Hopes Visits Camp Jihad  - Denis Schulz [18 Aug, 2008]

How a Fanatic Middle-East Muslimah Left the Genocidal Cult of Islam - Pink Angel [17 Aug, 2008]

Iran Mullahs' Blame Game  - Amil Imani [16 Aug, 2008]

Leaving the Hate Cult of Islam, Thanks to Tolerant Hinduism, ExMuslim Website - Zainal [14 Aug, 2008]

Aisha's Memoirs: An Important 21st-century Discovery  - Amar Khan [13 Aug, 2008]

Islam's Lies, Damned Lies  - Denis Schulz [13 Aug, 2008]

Why Young Muslims Blow Up: For Paradise, a Better World Indeed! - Angelfire  [12 Aug 2008]

A Truth That Set Me Free from Islam - Zander  [11 Aug 2008]

Why Allah is not God?  - Larry Houle [11 Aug, 2008]

Muslims' Science-in-the-Quran Fantasy - Claude [10 Aug, 2008]

Dhimmis in Pakistan: Truly Worse than Animals  - Amar Khan [10 Aug, 2008]

As the West Sleeps, Islamists Work on Establishing a Global Islamic State - Juhdi Jasser [09 Aug, 2008]

Islamobil: Mosque on Wheels  - Amil Imani [09 Aug, 2008]

Personality Profile of Muhammad: Abuser, Beater, Cheater, Deceiver & What not…  - Amar khan [08 Aug, 2008]

Why Muslims should worship other gods too? - Mohammad Asghar [08 Aug, 2008]

Sex Everywhere in Islamic Pakistan - A A 07 Aug, 2008]

Sexual Assaults and Molestation of Girls in Islamic Pakistan; My Story - Amna Gilani [07 Aug, 2008]

Sex and sexuality in Pakistan - Amarkhan [06 Aug, 2008]

Indian Mujahideen's Ultimatum [05 Aug, 2008]

Sharia-Infatuated Archbishop Williams: 'A Common Word for the Common Good'  - Denis Schulz [05 Aug, 2008]

How to Put an End to Islamic Terrorism - PK Debnath [04 Aug, 2008]

My Nightmare Islamic Dream...  - Alie Siraj [04 Aug, 2008]

Why Do Muslims Boast—They are the Blessed, the Best - Shamsul Arifin [03 Aug 2008]

A Few Questions to Dr Zakir Naik on Islam - Radhasyam Brahmachari [31 Jul, 2008]

Tragic Story of a Mexican American Woman, Fooled by Islam - Gloria [31 Jul, 2008]

Questions Never Answered: Islamic Paradise - Amarkhan [29 Jul, 2008]

Iran Mullahs' Reign of Terror  - Amil Imani [28 July, 2008]

Leaving Islam: Questions Never Answered - Amarkhan  [26 Jul 2008]

I am proud of Barack H. Obama! - Mohammad Asghar [26 Jul, 2008]

The Final Battle Against Slavery  - Denis Schulz [24 Jul, 2008]

Holy Islam: Holy Illiteracy, Holy Poverty, Holy Backwardness  - Sujit Das [23 Jul, 2008]

Islamic Hatred, Bigotry and Violence - James Miller [22 Jul, 2008]

60 Minutes Fails to Mention Islam's Central Role in Darfur Genocide  - Andrew Stunich [21 Jul, 2008]

Women Are Responsible for Rapes, Always!  - Ayesha Ahmed [19 Jul, 2008]

Telling the Truth is Islam Bashing? - Amil Imani [17 July, 2008]

The Demise of Islam? - Abul Kasem/Jamie Glazov [17 Jul, 2008]

Psychodialysis, Part 2: Allah Survives a Mini-Islamic Repolution - The Hypothelian [15 Jul 2008]

They Hanged Her For Teaching Love - Amil Imani [13 July, 2008]

TRUE MUSLIMS IN THE NEWS  - Ayesha Ahmed [12 Jul, 2008]

Symposium: Confronting Islamization of the West  - Jamie Glazov [12 Jul, 2008]

Dogs United for Freedom and Justice from Islam - Denis Schulz [11 Jul, 2008]

Atheists Support the Non-Religious State of China - Showan Khurshid [11 Jul, 2008]

A Nineteenth Century Expert's Insight into Muhammad's Legacy  - Andrew Stunich [10 Jul, 2008]

Shameful Persecution of Pious Mosque Leaders in UK  - Ayesha Ahmed [10 Jul, 2008]

They Left Islam: Leaving Islam Report, July 2008 [09 Jul 2008]

Are British Muslims Treated Like Jews in 1930s Germany?  - Adrian Morgan [09 Jul, 2008]

Islam Caused Islamic World's Decline - Andrew Stunich [07 Jul, 2008]

Great Thinkers on Islam - Capt. Ranapratap Roy [06 Jul 2008]

Destination: Allah's Brothel - Radhasyam Brahmachari [05 Jul 2008]

Non-Muslims: Worse than Animals - Abul Kasem/Jamie Glazov [04 Jul, 2008]

Protecting Freedom from Being Devoured by Islam  - Larry Houle [03 Jul, 2008]

Muhammad is Still Greater Than Allah - Peace Forever [02 Jul, 2008]

Islam's Mission Impossible: Get Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard! - Denis Schulz [01 Jul, 2008]

Psychodialysis of Islam and Muslims - The Hypothelian [01 Jul 2008]



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